The music of ¿Qué Bolá?...

¿qué bolá? composed by brian harding © (SOCAN)
“¿Qué bolá?” (what’s up? ) is a common greeting one might hear on the streets in Cuba, so it’s fitting that this descarga or jam session begins this CD. Everyone in the group gets a chance to say hello with a short solo to break the ice...
Soloists: Al, Brian, Lou, Bill, Edgar, Jack, Chris

onward and edward composed by allan johnston © tumbao music (SOCAN)
This would be a straight ahead, in-clave latin tune, except for the fact that it's in 5/4 time, with an original clave (3-1-2). This song shows another side to the group, one of interplay and communication, as expressed in the extended improvisation that finishes off the piece. This song is dedicated to the memory of Brian Hill, friend and drummer.
Soloists: Bill, Brian, Chris

empieza sin mí composed by allan johnston © tumbao music (SOCAN)
Empieza Sin Mí (Start Without Me), begins in a latin jazz feel, featuring Bill Clark on flugelhorn, and ends up as a cooking son, featuring the vocals of Panama born Iván Rodriguez.
Soloist: Bill

21 y E composed by brian harding © (SOCAN)
21 y E (21st and E St. in Havana), is inspired by Cuban jazz groups such as Irakere and Maraca as well as modern dance groups such as La Charanga Habanera and Los Van Van.
Soloists: Bill, Brian, Jack

snakewalk composed by brian harding © (SOCAN)
This beautiful jazz cha cha chá is another example of the interplay between band members, especially during the group solo section.
Soloists: Lou, Group, Jack

james y cachao
composed by allan johnston © tumbao music (SOCAN)
Inspired by two of the most important innovators of the bass: James Jamerson, who was the driving force behind Motown's greatest hits, and the Cuban Legend, Israel Lopez 'Cachao' , inventor of the mambo, and still playing strongly in his 80's! This song is dedicated to one of the new generation of Cuban bassists, Pedro Pablo Gutierrez.
Soloists: Brian, Lou, Al

toys composed by herbie hancock © hancock music
By the great pianist Herbie Hancock, this song is an intriguing combination of 4/4 swing over a 6/8 rhythm section. This feel is inspiring to solo over, as Bill Clark's soaring flugelhorn solo demonstrates. Soloists: Allan, Lou, Bill, Edgar (cajon)

frankness composed and arranged by allan johnston © tumbao music (SOCAN)
This composition, with a full big-band arrangement, was inspired by and is dedicated to the late composer and guitarist Frank Zappa. It features guest appearances by Nick Apivor on marimba, Paul Baron on lead trumpet, and MIke Braverman on saxophones.
Soloists: Brian, Lou